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Reinventing The Wheel

Seeing the comment posted made me think some about how so many art therapists work as “lone” or the sole art therapist in their setting. Very few places in my part of the country have more than one art therapist in their system or institution, and this can really lend a feeling of isolation and struggle to the work at times.  Always having to stake claim to our territory and competencies.  I wonder if our members might share here some of the ways they deal with that – for me, being active in my Chapter is one way. 

We are a small Chapter but the meetings we have are extremely valuable times of connection, re-creation, and renewal. It’s no accident that our Chapter meetings often include some form of art making as we all recognize that we need this renewal and connection through our art.  I look forward to hearing how other “lone” art therapists connect and ideas about how AATA can support connections. 

This blog is one start at that so post your ideas freely.



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